A Quick Guide To Maximizing Your Orgasms Naturally

maximizing orgasms

maximizing orgasmsGenerally, achieving and/or maximizing your orgasms is not as difficult as most people presume. There are lots of natural methods available that can help women of all walks, the world over do just that. Even more importantly, they can do so without overthinking their orgasms and simply enjoy the experience.

There is no need to suffer from the embarrassment or worry that many women often associate with achieving regular and powerful orgasms. Instead, they can learn to let go, be free and deepen the bonds they share with their partners by being vulnerable and sharing their fantasies and sexual desires with each other. Below we look at how orgasms can benefit both women and their relationships and how with a few adjustments they can enjoy regular and pleasurable orgasms naturally.

Enhancing Your Relationships by Maximizing Your Orgasms

A good relationship, grounded in happiness and a sense of security, will require a fair amount of understanding and give-and-take to make it work for both you and your partner. It also takes a fair amount of sexual pleasure in the bedroom. Great sex is an important part in laying the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship (in and out of the bedroom) with one’s partner. Sexual pleasure fuels great sex, and sexual pleasure is fueled by sexual confidence. Having confidence in yourself, your sexuality and your ability to be pleased by as well as please your partner, all combine to help build a gratifying sexual bond between couples.

Unfortunately, as amazing as sex can be, very few couples are enjoying great sex. For many, sex is an act they merely put up with. Studies show that the majority of women rarely achieve orgasm when having sex with their partners. While it is true that women can still enjoy sex without having an orgasm, the truth is orgasms are the peak of sexual pleasure and they should be having them. For women, maximizing orgasms need not be as complex as it often seems, and starts with making a few adjustments.

Such adjustments include:

1. Understanding and owning your orgasm

It is important that women understand that their orgasms are their own and no partner can be responsible for the same. For starters, a woman’s orgasm is largely dependent on her own body’s sexuality and sensitivity to sexual stimuli. Understanding this is however just the beginning. There are several ways that a woman can enhance her sensitivity, feel more comfortable in her own skin and with her sexuality, thereby enhancing the sexual experience and achieving orgasm. Of course, getting rid of the mentality that she has to “work” to achieve this elusive orgasm is also recommended.

2. Embracing Foreplay

It cannot be understated how much foreplay is needed as a precursor to the sexual act to enhance sexual pleasure. Foreplay involves touching, fondling, petting, kissing and simply enjoying the moment. As foreplay progresses, the heartrate increases, sexual organs swell, breathing quickens, and lubrication and sexual excitement increases. In essence, foreplay readies the body for sex and helps women to relax, stay more in the moment and get in the mood for sex. Foreplay helps a woman to connect more with the movements and sensations being experienced physically, as opposed to getting caught up in the worries and concerns of not reaching orgasm. Women who find that vaginal dryness is an issue for them can use lubricants during foreplay.

Lubricants such as Vigorelle cream, is an all-natural option that helps to lubricate the vagina while increasing sensitivity in the general area, making foreplay and sex that much more pleasurable.

Combining products like Vigorelle with the art of foreplay is sure to usher any woman to the height of lasting pleasure. Be sure to include them when having sex with your partner.

3. Indulging Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are a great avenue through which to explore sexuality and maximize orgasms. Holding sexual thoughts and images in the mind during sex is normal, for both men and women. Using these sexual fantasies to role play with your partner can heighten sexual excitement and the sexual pleasure experienced. It is important therefore for couples to communicate their fantasies to their partners so that they can share in each other’s sexual desires and wants, and deepen their bonds, making it more exciting and fruitful. Women can try initiating the talking in a gentle yet direct way with their male partners.

4. Start Masturbating

The self-induced pleasure that masturbation affords allows women to be more in touch with their bodies and sexuality, paying attention to what pleases them and what does not. Importantly they can do this with no pressure. More than merely satisfying sexual urges, add lubricants and vibrators to the masturbation equation and women can begin to experience, get used to and manage the reality of reaching and enjoying orgasms.

5. Improve Overall Health

Keeping the body healthy will help improve sexual pleasure and maximize orgasms for more reasons than one. Fitter women are often better able to stay in the present and enjoy the sexual experience when compared with women who were out of shape. Fitter women also tend to feel better about their physical selves, which lends itself to pleasurable sex. Women can start getting healthier by exercising more, eating more fruits and vegetables, increasing water intake and using health supplements where necessary. All of the above can combine to improve energy levels, stabilize mood swings, improve self-confidence and overall health.

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