Sexual Enhancement Cream For Women FAQs


1. How do they work?

Female sexual enhancement creams are applied to the underside of the woman’s clitoral hood of the genital area. This allows the active ingredients in the gel of cream to immediately to work to stimulate the tissue surface in that area. Blood flow then increases around clitoris as the blood vessels around the same become dilated, greatly increasing arousal and sensitivity.

2. How quickly do these products work?

Response time to the active ingredient(s) in any given product can vary from one woman to the next. Of course, the product itself also plays a role in how quickly they begin to work. What is clear however, is that the leading sexual enhancement creams and gels for women in the market – such as Vigorelle™ – immediately goes to work once it is applied. Generally, female sexual enhancement creams work even faster after being applied if there is sexual stimulation around the clitoris through rubbing, touching and licking

3. I have noticed that over the years, my strong sex drive and sensitivity had diminished. I don’t understand what (or why) this is happening. Can a sexual enhancement cream help?

Vigorelle sexual enhancement creamSeveral things can account for a dip in a woman’s sex drive. These include hormonal and physical changes, increased daily stressors, insufficient nutrition and exercise, and even changes in values and attitudes caused by life experiences can all affect the vitality of a woman’s sex drive. Committing to good overall health practices can go some ways in experiencing a positive turn around. Still, adding enhancement creams to the sexual routine and act will significantly enhance the experience and improve overall sex drive and libido. Vigorelle™ enhancement cream users for example, report experiencing a restoration of youthfulness and sexual intensity conducive to orgasms after use.

4. Are there any negative side effects from using these products?

There are no negative side effects stemming from the use of high-quality women sexual enhancement products. High-quality products are all natural, have no methyl paraben or propylene glycol substances. Instead, ingredients in women sexual enhancement creams are a combination of all natural herbals and botanicals. Add to this, the fact that they are topically applied as opposed to ingested, completely removing the possibility of gastrointestinal issues. Still, even with no reported side effects from using high-quality cream, it is always recommended that you sample a small amount on your skin before starting to use the product, just in case you may have a reaction. Should you have no irritation, feel free to continue using the product.

5. How do I know which product is right for me? Which one do I try?

Admittedly, there are many products to choose from. You can decide which one to use by investigating the ingredients used, as well as the method of manufacturing (such as using pharmaceutical-grade facilities that are safe and certified). Look also at the given company’s track record and how long they have been around, their customer satisfaction and so forth. Vigorelle™ has been shown to be a leading product in this category.

6. Are these products expensive?

Prices vary from one product and manufacturer to the next. Nevertheless, it is important to remember what you are paying for. These products are all natural, high-quality and more importantly they work. They pay for themselves over and over again.

7. Will I be able to purchase these products and still maintain my privacy?

Yes. You can do so by making your purchases online. Most sites will detail how the manufacturers ship. Pay attention to the same. If the manufacturer does not already automatically ship using plain packaging, then you may be able to request the same.

8. Do these products come with money-back guarantees?

Most of the leading female sexual enhancement products like Vigorelle™, Provestra™ and HerSolution™ all come with a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. It is important that women check to ensure that the products they are buying are coming from reputable sources. This is the only way to guarantee that you will get what is due to you.

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